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Here is my letter to the Post & Courier that was published today … along with my picture !


Letter: Asphalt no way to go on Greenway

Here we go again. I was opposed to the paving of the West Ashley Greenway from Folly Road to Stinson Drive. I canvassed neighborhoods and even wrote a letter to Mayor Joe Riley.

I was too late; the city paved it anyway. I’ve gotten used to it and use it all the time to visit my mother and do some light grocery shopping on my bike.

I admit it is a boon to those who use the Greenway to commute by bike and for parents to stroll their children. I have never once seen anyone in a wheelchair use it and I use it frequently. With all the dips and uneven surfaces, perhaps it was a good thing for that section from Folly Road to Stinson Drive. I get it.

Recently, I decided to bike the entire length of the Greenway and take pictures. I’m at a loss. How can the city cover up beautiful pine needle covered sections of land that so many people enjoy? It is just another form of development that is unnecessary and costly.

There are studies that show that asphalt next to wetlands causes a 19 percent decline in reptile and amphibian species and a 14 percent decline in the richness of bird species, and harms breeding birds. The Greenway is smack dab in the middle of such wetlands.

I do not think that the City of Charleston has considered the impact on what is an environmentally sensitive area. I surveyed many of the walkers, bikers and runners that day and every one of them said it would be a travesty to pave this beautiful stretch of unadulterated semi-wilderness.

I wish the city would pay more attention to preserving the little bit of nature that’s left in our backyards, and stop this continual development. When will it stop?

My Passion is Going to my Head!

flowers and me


Hello everyone! My name is Robyne and I have a passion for hiking. I have put it off for some time but I am getting ready to embark on an adventure on the Palmetto Trail. For about twenty years, I have wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail but since I have waited so long, I think it might be wise to start off a little bit slowly. I’m 54 and live in Charleston, SC. Only a few miles north of me is Awendaw, SC which lies on the edge of the Francis Marion National Forest. This the beginning of one of the easiest parts of the Palmetto Trail. This would be a nice start for an older gal like me.